Honey Process Coffee Beans – Are they the Best?

Coffee Beans meet innovative Honey Processing Methodology It was the International Jurors who first brought the Costa Rica honey process coffees to everyone’s attention.  Much to the shock of traditional roasters, this distinct, sweet flavoured, lighter roasted bean took all the Awards.  The coffee world perked up and took notice. What happened to cause tongues … Read more

Coffee consumption catapults to an exciting new level!

Coffee and consumption

Coffee consumption hits two-decade high Susan from Team Coffee Tree comments: “During the past two years when Coffee Tree Roastery was closed for in store seating, customers began buying coffee beans more frequently to make their coffee at home.  The home office having evolved into a permanent work space eliminated the daily grab ‘n go … Read more

International Women’s Day celebrated at work

international women's day

Celebrating International Women’s Day at work My store manager and her assistant took a vacation to Mexico last month .  The vacation was well-deserved.  No one had taken any time off during the pandemic.  After all where would you go?  You couldn’t leave the country for fear you wouldn’t get back.  Flying across Canada was … Read more

Who was the Repairs and Maintenance Man?

Repairs and Maintenance Man

Repairs and Maintenance Repairs and Maintenance aren’t important when you first open a business.  All your equipment is shiny and new and still has valid warranties.  However, with constant use and misuse, even the best equipment will let you down some time.  I’ve discovered that the day you need immediate repairs and maintenance is usually … Read more

Specialty Coffee Roasters 1993

Awesome Specialty Coffee Roasters 1993

Awesome Specialty Coffee Roasters In 1993 there were 37 independent roasters in Seattle.  Independent coffee roasting in Canada was in its infancy.  Vancouver was buzzing about two Starbucks stores on opposite corners on Robson St. The market for awesome specialty coffee roasters was ready to explode. The SCAA, Specialty Coffee Association of America, held its … Read more

On becoming an Entrepreneur in Canada

On becoming an Entrepreneur in Canada

This is the second article in a series of upcoming articles that reflect upon Entrepreneurship and pioneering Coffee Roasting in Toronto, Canada The eighties were brimming with franchises.  As an independent store, and new entrepreneur in Canada, we hadn’t yet earned the trust of the general public and this meant we needed to find ways … Read more

Coffee Roasters in Toronto, Canada – The Early Years

Coffee Roasters in Toronto

Have you ever wondered how we became the oldest coffee roasters in Toronto? Join me, Susan, over the next few months as I reflect on a lifetime of coffee in Toronto, Canada.  Follow the stories that shaped my life and, if you’re reading this, probably shaped yours too! In the early years, we were living … Read more

Thanks for all the love

Neighbourhood Coffee

We’re pleased as punch to be featured in David Cinelli’s 12 days in your neighbourhood this holiday season.  Thanks for all the love To watch the video click here      

How Coffee is Processed

How Coffee is Processed

by Direct Trade farmer Katia Duke Honduras San Isidro coffee, November 2021 Microorganisms Process, How coffee is processed One of the fascinating things about coffee is how versatile it turns out to be, it allows us to experiment from an early stage on the farm to the different options served by a cup and that … Read more

The Rising Cost of Container Shipping

Rising Cost of Container Shipping

The rampant rise of sea freight prices is about to reach consumers July 15, 2021, adapted from an article by BEAN BELT COFFEES It’s here, the Rising Cost of Container Shipping is hitting home. We’ve been waiting all summer for new crop coffees to land at port and be off loaded.  Containers, filled with Amazon … Read more