We’re drinking more coffee at home than ever before. Here’s how to make the most of every cup with top beans from local roasters.  Adapted from an article by Alex Baldinger  Photography by Vicky Lam
December 2020

Brewed Awakening with Coffee Roasters Toronto’s Top 14

Thank you Toronto.  Thank you Toronto Life.
We are proud to be included in Coffee Roasters Toronto’s Top 14.   After all we are a city of coffee lovers.
When Coffee Tree Roastery opened more than 30 years ago, very few knew that coffee was picked green and roasted to brown gold and that in that process great and unique tastes could be found.
A lot has changed in the ensuing years and we appreciate being part of that transformation across our city.  Thanks to all our raving fans for the early vote of confidence and to all our new fans – we are here because of you.

Coffee Tree Roastery
It’s easily overshadowed by the surge of third-wave coffee shops that have taken over Toronto in the past decade, but this Bloor West Village mainstay has been roasting beans and pouring coffee since 1988. All the while, Millionaire’s Mixture has remained its signature blend. It’s a deep, dark roast that fully caramelizes the beans’ sugars without veering into the all-too-familiar scorched-earth territory. $26 for a one-pound bag. 2412 Bloor St. W., 416-767-1077,

Brewed AwakeningBrewed Awakening

Comments from the owner.  We opened before the explosion of espresso machines took hold of the city, when restaurants only offered a cup of coffee after your dinner.  It was before the debit card, the internet, solar parking meters, Fairtrade coffee and so much more.  It was a time of dark roasted blends, walk ins and first names.  It continues to be an exciting business to be in and we look forward to many more years looking after your coffee habit.  Susan

About the author: Susan Bate
Nothing beats enjoying my morning coffee in the great outdoors