Honey Process Coffee Beans – Are they the Best?

Coffee Beans meet innovative Honey Processing Methodology It was the International Jurors who first brought the Costa Rica honey process coffees to everyone’s attention.  Much to the shock of traditional roasters, this distinct, sweet flavoured, lighter roasted bean took all the Awards.  The coffee world perked up and took notice. What happened to cause tongues … Read more

World Coffee Research and the Sensory Lexicon explained

World Coffee Research Sensory Coffee Circle

How do the experts describe coffee? The author, Gail Civille, was part of the team that helped to develop the flavour lexicon.  Published January 19, 2016   What is World Coffee Research? Today, World Coffee Research published the Sensory Lexicon, the largest collaborative work on the flavour of coffee and a project more than three years … Read more

Roasting Coffee Responsibly

Roasting Coffee Responsibly

Our success for delivering great tasting coffee has always correlated to helping others be successful in whatever drives their passion.  In this article, you will learn some of the approaches we are taking everyday to ensure our we are roasting coffee responsibly.  By Robin Sagi (she/her)

Coffee Quality Control: A Farmer’s Dilemma

Coffee Quality Control

Based on an article by Damian Reed, WeTheOrigin. Published October 5, 2020 Coffee Quality Control: A Farmer’s Dilemma Thanks to the hard-working coffee farmers, coffee is everywhere and we are all grateful for it. It doesn’t seem possible, but the challenges for getting quality beans to us at home are quite formidable. In fact, coffee … Read more

Hondura Coffee Producer Katia Duke

Hondura Coffee Producer

Last February, just prior to Covid-19 shutting down borders, Rachel and Susan visited Katia to learn first hand some of the challenges faced in coffee production.  By Rachel Dineen, Manager Coffee Tree Roastery Hondura Coffee Producer Katia Duke is redefining Specialty Coffee on her Farm In coffee production, there are many factors that are out … Read more