Climate Change and Coffee Bean Survival

Climate Change and Coffee Beans

Climate Change and Coffee Bean Survival This Seriously Hipster Bean Is Coffee’s Best Hope for Survival By Matt Reynolds, Science  Jan 2023 Climate change is straining the world’s two favorite coffee species. Could a resilient 19th-century alternative solve the brew’s existential crisis? OK, WE GET it. You fancy yourself a coffee snob. You’ve got a … Read more

Thanks for all the love

Neighbourhood Coffee

We’re pleased as punch to be featured in David Cinelli’s 12 days in your neighbourhood this holiday season.  Thanks for all the love To watch the video click here      

How Coffee is Processed

How Coffee is Processed

by Direct Trade farmer Katia Duke Honduras San Isidro coffee, November 2021 Microorganisms Process, How coffee is processed One of the fascinating things about coffee is how versatile it turns out to be, it allows us to experiment from an early stage on the farm to the different options served by a cup and that … Read more

The Rising Cost of Container Shipping

Rising Cost of Container Shipping

The rampant rise of sea freight prices is about to reach consumers July 15, 2021, adapted from an article by BEAN BELT COFFEES It’s here, the Rising Cost of Container Shipping is hitting home. We’ve been waiting all summer for new crop coffees to land at port and be off loaded.  Containers, filled with Amazon … Read more

2021 Coffee Crisis in Colombia – Coffee Protests

2021 Coffee Crisis in Colombia

By Robin Sagi With the COVID-19 crisis reaching its 15th month, countries are feeling the financial pressure. The 2021 Coffee crisis in Colombia is one such country. With such turmoil and uncertainty, countries that are already unsteady are at their most vulnerable. Citizens are reaching a breaking point and change is being demanded. We are … Read more

Organic Farming in Peru

Organic Farming in Peru

Organic Farming in Peru This short article highlights why these coffee producers are turning to Organic Farming in Peru to cope with the climate crisis.  Below is the transcript from Segundo Guerrero and his son Hugo on some of  the current challenges facing Organic Farming in Peru.   See video link below. Segundo Guerrero with son … Read more

Burundi Izere Coffee

Burundi Izere coffee

Burundi Izere Coffee Direct Trade by Deborah Ntawigirira Izere coffee is a company I co-founded with my mother in order to bring in specialty coffee (Burundi Izere) from coffee coops.  Like me, it’s a Canadian and Burundian company. As reflected in the brand’s name, Izere is founded on the values of hope and faith, traits … Read more

Save Coffee from Climate Change

Coffee and Climate Change

Save Coffee from Climate Change Increasing temperatures are making coffee harder to grow and less tasty. Coffee companies, governments, and farmers are working together to make a more resilient bean—but will it be enough? Article adapted from Adèle Peters. Do you ever think about how to save coffee from climate change?  A year ago, at … Read more