Coffee Roasters Toronto's Top 14

BREWED AWAKENING We’re drinking more coffee at home than ever before. Here’s how to make the most of every cup with top beans from local roasters.  Adapted from an article by Alex Baldinger  Photography by Vicky Lam December 2020 Brewed Awakening with Coffee Roasters Toronto’s Top 14 Thank you Toronto.  Thank you Toronto Life. We … Read more

Burundi Izere Coffee

Burundi Izere coffee

Burundi Izere Coffee Direct Trade by Deborah Ntawigirira Izere coffee is a company I co-founded with my mother in order to bring in specialty coffee (Burundi Izere) from coffee coops.  Like me, it’s a Canadian and Burundian company. As reflected in the brand’s name, Izere is founded on the values of hope and faith, traits … Read more

Save Coffee from Climate Change

Coffee and Climate Change

Save Coffee from Climate Change Increasing temperatures are making coffee harder to grow and less tasty. Coffee companies, governments, and farmers are working together to make a more resilient bean—but will it be enough? Article adapted from Adèle Peters. Do you ever think about how to save coffee from climate change?  A year ago, at … Read more

Yemen Haraz Coffee Single Farm

Yemen Haraz Coffee Single Farm is Authentic. Yemen Haraz Coffee doesn’t come to mind while thinking about coffee, but coffee is deeply connected to the country’s history and most of the world’s coffee culture goes back to this small country in the Middle East.  Coffee’s birth place is Ethiopia yet the coffee drink as a … Read more

Costa Rican coffee has long had reputation for quality

Costa Rica coffee

Costa Rican Coffee equals Quality Costa Rican coffee has enjoyed a reputation for outstanding quality.  In our early years in the late eighties one of our best selling coffees was Costa Rica Tarrazu, a strickly hard bean produced in near perfect growing conditions.  Years of the La Roya disease cut coffee production up to 30% … Read more

The Economics of Coffee

The Economics of Coffee

The Economics of Coffee in One Chart The Economics of Coffee The Economics of Coffee in One Chart gives you a peak at the components in bringing coffee beans to market.  Coffee employs more people than any other industry worldwide except for oil.  And it’s not hard to understand why when the beverage of choice … Read more

World Coffee Research and the Sensory Lexicon explained

World Coffee Research Sensory Coffee Circle

How do the experts describe coffee? The author, Gail Civille, was part of the team that helped to develop the flavour lexicon.  Published January 19, 2016   What is World Coffee Research? Today, World Coffee Research published the Sensory Lexicon, the largest collaborative work on the flavour of coffee and a project more than three years … Read more

Can Coffee Quality & Environmental Sustainability Go Hand in Hand?

Coffee Quality and Sustainability

This is the age old question we face in all things we use, not just coffee.  Here, the Brazilian coffee company Ipanema, presents the case for coffee quality and environmental sustainability.  Published in The Perfect Daily Grind, September 6, 2019 Can Coffee Quality & Environmental Sustainability Go Hand in Hand? The future of coffee production … Read more

Coffee Quality Control: A Farmer’s Dilemma

Coffee Quality Control

Based on an article by Damian Reed, WeTheOrigin. Published October 5, 2020 Coffee Quality Control: A Farmer’s Dilemma Thanks to the hard-working coffee farmers, coffee is everywhere and we are all grateful for it. It doesn’t seem possible, but the challenges for getting quality beans to us at home are quite formidable. In fact, coffee … Read more